Alexander City Horse Riding Club
P. O. Box 1433
Arena Road – Charles E. Bailey Sportplex
Alexander City, AL 35010


February 2004

Hi Folks,

Hope you and yours are safe, well and keeping warm on these cold days.

Lots of news to pass on this month...

It’s time to renew your membership for 2004.  Click here to view and print a membership “card” to be filled out completely with:   Name – Name of spouse – name and age of children – address – zip code – phone number (with area code), and add you email address, if available.

Membership dues:
  Family (children 17 & under and college students) $25.00
  Individual $10.00
  Senior Citizen 62 years & older FREE
  (If you are a Senior, please fill out form and mark that you are a Senior.)

COGGINS:  Mark your calendar for FEBRUARY 17, 2004 at 6:00 P. M. at the Arena. Dr. Clay Reynolds will be there to pull COGGINS. There will be a charge for this service. This is to help the members that are getting ready to go on the ALABAMA Wagon Train. Dr. Reynolds has done this service for our club for several years.

The Christmas supper was enjoyed by all that attended. We presented our Year-End Awards:

Halter Gene Dorris
Pony Division
Western Pleasure 18 & over Leslie Crawford
Becca Cooper - Champion
Western Pleasure 13-17 Lynlee Powell
Kathryn Tucker - Reserve Champion
Western Pleasure 12 & under Jac Crawford
Sam Cooper, Brittany Daughtery,
Timed Event 18 & over Jessica Yates
Skye Robinson, Emily Bianchi,
Timed Event 13-17 Carrie Jones
Kaelee Jordan, Megan Phillips,
Timed Event 12 & under David McDaniel
Samatha Robbins, Rowdy Pritchard
Sr. Western Gaited Flat Shod Jessica Yates
Jr. Western Gaited Flat Shod Hannah Robinson
Costume Leadline
All Around Gaited Jessica Yates
Trevor Haney & Alan Haney
Trail Ride 18 & over Clifford Meigs
Trail Ride 17 & under Adam Clark
Leadline Barrels
First & Second Year Rider Emily Bianchi
Dylan McDaniel & David McDaniel

Show dates to be held at ACHRC are listed below.  Also, check the Show page on the website to keep updated on any changes.

2004 Show Dates              
April 3 EAHA Preseason Show   July 10 ACHRC
April 10 Talladega 4H   July 17 Talladega 4H
April 24 ACHRC   Aug. 07 ACHRC
May 22 EAHA Fund Raiser   Aug. 14 EAHA Youth Fund
June 05 ACHRC   Aug. 21 EAHA Climax Show

SHOW SPONSORS:  If you would like to sponsor a class for the ACHRC shows, contact Pat Avery. Sponsorships are $50.00 for four (4) shows. Your business card will be listed on the web site as a sponsor.

RULE CHANGES:  The ACHRC has made some changes in the show rules:
       To qualify for the year end award you must show in one half of shows held at the ACHRC arena.
       Points will be kept on ONE HORSE ONE RIDER.
       Points will began to count the day you join the ACHRC riding club.

HALTER AWARDS:  Beginning in 2004 the Halter High Point award will be broken down by age.  A high point award will be given for 18 & over and 17 & under.

QUEEN CONTEST: The ACHRC Queen contest will be held APRIL 24, 2004, at 10:00 AM.
Qualifications: contestants must be unmarried female between ages of 12-17 as of January 2004, and to have been a member of EAST ALABAMA HORSEMAN’S ASSOCIATION in 2003. Applications will be available - contact Pat Avery.

SCHOLARSHIP: JAMES ABNEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP sponsored by Alex City Horse Riding Club. To qualify for this scholarship the applicant must:
   1.  Be a member of ACHRC for at least 2 years prior to being awarded the scholarship.
   2.  Be an undergraduate
   3.  Submit the application by July 15th of the year to be awarded.
The scholarship may be awarded only once to any applicant. The scholarship will be presented at the August 07, 2004 ACHRC show. The scholarship is awarded by decision of the James Abney Memorial Scholarship Committee only.

TRAIL RIDE DATES:  The first trail ride date has been set for May 15 & 16 - a location has not ben chosen as of yet.  Check the web site or at the arena to see updates and if more dates are posted.

CLUB MEETINGS:  Held second Thursday of each month at the arena at 6:30 PM.  All club members welcome.

WORKERS FOR EVENTS:  We need volunteers to help with shows and trail rides. If called on please volunteer your time to help with these events.

Hope to see you at one of the events.

Happy Trails!