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Number of Shows Report

You are able to check online for the number of shows you have shown.  The information is provided in a PDF file - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.  If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader, you can download it from this web page:  

Things to know before you search:

  • From this point, the report will be updated as the show point records are received and entered by the Points Keeper - this could be 3-15 days after a show.

  • Your information will not be in the report if you are not a 2019 member of one or more of the EAHA clubs (EAHA clubs are:  ACHRC, Chambers Academy [no members], Chambers Co. Saddle Club, Duke Ranch Riding Club, EAHA Youth Club, and Randolph Co Horse Show Club).

  • If you are a member and your information is not in the report, contact the club that you joined to verify they have your membership information and have forwarded it to the EAHA Points Keeper.

  • If your name or your horse's name is misspelled, to let us know. (Remember when registering at a show to be consistent with your horse's name - register with the name you want to go to State under or want on any awards you may win.)

  • If a show date is missing from your records, and it is at least 15 days after the show date, to inquire, we'll be glad to double check our records.  If we do not have it in our records you will need to contact the club who hosted the show to inquire as to why your entry was not in the point records they submitted to the Points Keeper.

  • Remember, one of the AOHA requirements is that you must have 8 shows in the class in which you want to go to State.  Shows prior to your membership date will not count toward the requirement.   (To see all of the AOHA rules, click here: - to see EAHA's rules, click here:


How to find your information:

  • Click the Number Shows Report button below to open the report.
  • Scroll through the report to find your information, or
  • To search for your information:
    • Click on the Search button Search Button image in your tool bar and search for your last name, or
    • Click on Edit, Find, and enter your last name in the Find Box Find image, then click Next until you get to your name.


To be certain you are viewing the most current report,
after you open the report, click the Refresh buttonRefresh button image in your browser.
If you find errors, please let me know.
Thanks - Shannon Sadler - Points Keeper - .

Number of Shows Report