Wind Creek State Park
Trail System

Wind Creek State Park will be open for trail riding to the public beginning Oct. 1, 2008.

The contact person is Jeff Reed (256) 750-0087.

This is a pilot program to see if there is enough interest in trail riding in some of the state parks. It is my understanding that if this one is a sucess, it may be offered in other parks as well. Please pass the word around to all your horse friends that are looking for places to ride so we can make this work. He will also take groups out on guided rides at no charge.

Jeff said that there are two trails ready now (10/1).  Both go out the back end of the overflow camping area.  The camping area is the first dirt 'road' to the left after the gate.  He has made a Blue trail that is 6.8 miles long which includes water, hills, and forest.  The second trail is yellow and is 3.4 miles long - this one is more small dirt roads. 

You have to pay to get into the park: $2.00 or $3.00/person (depends on weekday or weekend/holiday).  They have yearly passes too if interested. 

This is a pilot program which is intended to get other parks to join in on the horse trail idea.  So if we take good care of the grounds and there is a good flow resulting in revenue, then this could open doors for other parks to open horse trails.  Trails are shared with hikers and bikes (pedal type).

If you pack it in - pack it out.
Leave nothing but hoof prints
& take nothing but pictures.