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April 10th
1st Show of the Season!!!

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2020 ACHRC Scholarship
Winner: Tabitha Duffie

2020 ACHRC Queen
Miss Allie Reams

2020 ACHRC Princess
Miss Ella Grace Bullard

Yes - Your Horse Trailer
Needs a Tag

To operate on the highways, a trailer must have a tag.  A horse trailer needs a tag if used for recreational/business purposes.  The only exemption for registration for trailers is: Section 40-12-252(a)(3), Code of Alabama 1975. Horse trailers used for any purpose other than for agricultural purposes are required to be registered (i.e. tagged).  The only question you should ask yourself when deciding whether your trailer should be registered is "Do I use this trailer for any purpose other than farming?"  If the answer is yes, it should be registered.  Trailers used for personal and/or business use are required to be registered.  Whether the trailer goes out of state or hauls 1 or 10 horses is not a factor.

For more information concerning Alabama's tag law, contact your local tag issuing official or the Alabama Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division at (334) 242-9000. (If your tag official says you don't need a tag - have them verify that information with the AL Dept. of Motor Vehicle before you leave!)  Section 40-12-252(a)(3), Code of Alabama 1975, provides the only exemption from registration for trailers.

Avoid a costly ticket, get your trailer tag(s) today!

ACHRC Arena is located in the
Charles E. Bailey Sportplex
1685 Arena Rd, Alexander City, Alabama

Alexander City Horse Riding Club is for horse enthusiasts of all ages.
The Club hosts horse shows and trail rides in various locations in central Alabama.
New members are always welcome!
Club meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
Y'all come!


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